We're very proud of our techniques and the results that they can achieve in such a wide variety of children, so we wanted to share with you some of the feedback that we have been given by the parents of children who attend our courses.

Social Skills Group

"Our little boy is 8 and has autism. He has been attending SPOT Therapy since it opened. We started with a four week Summer term and then progressed to the After School Club.

On the first day Ger and Angela welcomed an anxious, tearful little boy who would hardly say a word, and the idea of being with other children terrified him. Within a matter of weeks he could barely pause long enough to say goodbye to me, he was in such a rush to meet his friends. He now attends the after school club and has matured in his confidence with both adults and children. Along with all the potential careers SPOT has introduced him to - catering, gymnastics, gardening, IT (well x box kinect!), they have helped a happy, fun loving, confident little boy to see that he can play with other children and that it really is great fun.  All children want to be involved in activities and feel included, some just need a bit of help to know how to do it. SPOT shows them how.

Come on all you little Spotters, you won't regret it. Mams and Dads meet good friends too..."

Early Intervention Group

"Dear Angela and Geraldine,
Just  a quick note to let you both know how happy we are with the progress Sam has made during his time with you in SPOT. Sometimes it is very easy to forget to do these little things as we all get caught up with the frantic pace of life and our own problems, but I thought it was the least we could do given all that you have done for us and in particular our little man Sam.
Looking back now it can be hard to remember exactly how much progress he has made in these last few months , transforming from a child with very few words and  a great deal of frustration, into a little person, now with a means and ability to communicate. Since his introduction to the PECS system we have noticed a torrent of new words and also now a willingness on his part to regularly initiate and attempt more vocal communication.
It’s the small things as well as the major breakthroughs that have meant so much to us.From hearing consistent Bye Byes and Hellos to the formation of his first rudimentary sentences , you have both been there to guide us along the way. 
Your support and honesty with us has been, on more than one occasion, the rock we needed when things were a little rough or getting us down.We really appreciate your persistence and unwavering belief in what Sam could accomplish.With this help we have stayed the course and now we feel we are reaping the rewards. 
Now more than ever we are much more confidant that Sam will reach his full potential and know that he will be nurtured and equipped with the tools he needs to help him achieve his goals.We appreciate that Sam still has a lot to learn and several challenges to overcome , but we take heart as he continues to make progress while in SPOT. 
Again a big thank you to you both and all the team in SPOT"


"My daughter started in Spot in September and she has changed so much since then, she is three and has autism.
My daughter was diagnosed this summer and i thought my world had fallen apart until I met Ger and Angela they are very special. They have given me, my daughter and our family such hope and a better quality of family life, not only do they treat the child but they listen to all my fears and tears, which have been many they understand what stress we're under. They can't wave a magical wand and take away the autism but they have given my daughter and myself many coping mechanisms and helped with her speech which has improved vastly. I can't tell you what its like to have their support when your in this scary world of autism but I know that I would do all I could to keep my daughter there until she needs to move on.
Since starting in Spot my daughter is out of nappies and out of the cot, I can brush her hair without tantrums, she can put on her shoes, and clothes, she understands what I'm saying to her, she uses pec's which is fantastic for her as she's able to tell us what she wants without a major meltdown. We're able to go out to restaurants now and not be so worried about having to leave because of a tantrum. She's not perfect and she still has autism but without Spot I don't know where we would be. "

Self Regulation Group

"Ger and Angela have been working with our 6 year old son for the last 16 months, and in that time he has made significant progress. Their patience, dedication and enthusiasm to help each child reach their potential shows with everything they do. Outside their scheduled sessions they have also provided support and follow-up to us as parents.
Our son really enjoys his sessions at SPOT and the methods and strategies that are used are very transferable to our home and school environment. The most recent program that our little boy has engaged in, is the development of an Emotional Toolbox, that he can use to regulate himself during anxious or difficult times. He is now choosing to handle situations differently because of this new learning and is amazing us at how he has learnt to recognise that he is feeling a certain way. What would have resulted in a significant tantrum in the past, is now much more controlled, and he is looking at how he can manage his feelings.  It might be that he needs to spend some time alone. rock on a rocking chair, jump on his trampoline, listen to relaxing music but he is learning coping strategies and life skills that are so important for his future."

Parents of a 6 year old boy with Aspergers & ADD