What is Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

Autism is a rare condition that is characterised by severe problems in communication and behaviour and an inability to relate to people in a normal manner. It affects about fifteen in every 10,000 newborn children and three out of four people who suffer from Autism are male. It can be suspected as early as a few weeks or months after birth, or not until two or two and a half years of age. Confirmation of the diagnosis may sometimes not be made until the child is aged eight or nine years.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder, (ASD) or Autism is a developmental disorder, which usually appears in the first three years of life. It is defined by difficulties in communication and language skills, imaginative play and social interaction. Physically, people with Autism look perfectly normal. This can often lead to difficulty in diagnosing the condition. However, most people will suffer from some, if not all of the Autistic Triad of impairments.

Children with Autism often show signs of attention deficits, hyperactivity, obsessive traits and/or interests, tics, self-injurious behaviour, and/or sleep disorders. They frequently show an absence of, or an erratic response to, both sound and pain, suddenly over-responding to sound and pain with extreme distress while at other times appearing to ignore these stimuli. ASD was previously thought to be a psychiatric disorder but has more recently been associated with neurological impairment (Bauman & Kemper 1985).

How can SPOT help a child with ASD?

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