How can Speech and Occupational Therapy help with Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

Autistic Spectrum Disorder, (ASD) or Autism is a developmental disorder, which usually
appears in the first three years of life. Children with Autism often show signs of attention deficits, hyperactivity, obsessive traits and/or interests, tics, self-injurious behaviour, and/or sleep disorders. They frequently show an absence of, or an erratic response to, both sound and pain, suddenly over-responding to sound and pain with extreme distress while at other times appearing to ignore these stimuli.

How can SPOT Help?

The main area of need for children with asd is the difficulties they experience in social interaction and communication. Our main aim is that all children should have a functional means of communication with adults and peers. In order to achieve this we capitalise on each child’s strengths – whether visual or verbal- to identify the best system to achieve this functional communication. Our Therapy sessions are mainly delivered in a group situation as this provides the social and communication opportunities needed to develop meaningful interaction skills.

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