How can Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy help children with ADHD?

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are typically inattentive , impulsive, forgetful, restless to the point of disruption, prone to fail, unable to follow through on tasks, unpredictable, socially ‘out of tune’, and moody. These characteristics appear early in childhood and are a cause of major concern at home and at school. They are no due to other physical, mental or emotional causes. All children will at times be inattentive, impulsive and exhibit high activity levels, however for children with ADHD the persistence, pattern and frequency of this behaviour is much greater.

How can SPOT help?

Our experience as Paediatric therapists has shown us that children with ADHD benefit greatly from the combined approach of Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy provided by the SPOT technique. The motor and group activities we have designed, help children with ADHD to become more attentive, less implusive as well as increase their self confidence, which in turn benefits their overall quality of life. We have found that incorporating Movement and Gross Motor activity into his daily routine helps calm and focus the child’s nervous system and increases his ability to concentrate.

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