Youth Clubs

This group is aimed at teenagers who for a variety of reasons are unable to access the usual social activities offered in the community for young people. All sessions aim to promote confidence in social interaction, develop language and motor/co-ordination through fun, motivating activities. The aim of the teen group is to promote teens’ confidence in social interaction and to help them in adjusting to the changing social demands that present challenges to the teenager with special needs. This takes the form of a typical youth group where activities such as music, art, cooking, hobbies etc are provided. The young people will play large part in forming the rules, programmes and ethos of the club. For parents we hope to provide the security of allowing their young adults to find their way in the world with the support of experienced therapists who will hopefully be advocates for the young people and at the same time helping parents through the difficult time of allowing them 'spread their wings'. Social outings will form part of the groups’ activities with the teens input in planning and organising the outings.

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